Northwest NEWS

July 27, 1998

Valley Special

Local homeschoolers achieve at convention


Lucas Graham, Katherine Olson and Christina Olson.

On March 30 and 31, three Valley students, Lucas Graham, 11, Katherine Olson, 12, and Christina Olson, 14, competed in a state-wide homeschool achievement convention.

   Lucas Graham placed 3rd in Charcoal.
   Katherine Olson placed 2nd in Charcoal and earned Honorable Mentions in Spelling, Photography and Poetry Recitation.
   Christina Olson placed 1st in Charcoal and Music (along with her handbell choir, Partners in Chime), 2nd in Poetry Writing and Short Story Writing, 3rd in Spelling and Honorable Mention in Poetry Recitation.
   The Washington Homeschool Organization's Student Exhibition, or WHOSE, hosted upwards of 500 competing students from all over Washington state. Families flocked to Warm Beach Christian Camp not only for the competitions, but also for the workshops.
   These included Wilderness Survival, Gymnastics on Horseback, Orienteering, Balloon Sculpting and Better Babysitter Courses.
   The final night, winning students performed in a Talent Showcase.
   Familes enjoyed the music of a band playing the William Tell Overture, a young lady singing a popular Jaci Velasquez song (On My Knees) and a young trumpeter playing the national anthem.
   The evening was ended by a standing ovation to James Rosensweig, 18-year-old college senior, who had arranged and run the two-day event.