Northwest NEWS

July 27, 1998

Valley Special

Wedding: Prentice-Sievers


Deborah Prentice and Dr. Kevin Sievers

   Ms. Deborah D. Prentice and Dr. Kevin W. Sievers were wed on the 25th of July.
   Dr. Sievers is a long time area veterinarian, owner and operator of Duvall Veterinary Hospital.
   Deborah Prentice is originally from Spokane and has been residing in Kirkland for a number of years.
   The wedding was held at the home of Dr. and Mrs. John Thompson in Medina.
   The party took place among a myriad of flowers in the couple's garden. A special Mediterranean meal was served to close family and friends. The bride's attendants were her sister, Mrs. John Thompson and the groom's daughter, Ms. Sara Sievers.
   The groom's attendants were Mr. C. Sievers of Lynnwood, Mr. T. Ritter of Duvall and Mr. M. Seeley of Hawaii.
   The couple will make their home in Monroe.