Northwest NEWS

August 3, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Community needs caring woman to stay

 Neighbors help each other; pass it on when you have a chance.

Grouse Ridge should not have to pay such a huge price

 In recent weeks two Seattle papers gave their royal editorial blessing to the strip mine and asphalt/cement plant east of North Bend, proposed by Weyerhaeuser and Cadman Inc. That sounds like bias for big business and a complete lack of regard for the people of North Bend and the Valley.

Thank you for a beautiful farewell

 We are and will be forever thankful for their sensitivity, gentleness and care.

Young samaritan's actions save dog

 A local teenager was walking home from work and saw a dog lying in the ditch along Woodinville-Duvall Road.

It's our town

 I've driven through town and watched our city engineer running a compactor to build sidewalks. What a tremendous waste of his ability. He is not a laborer. How can city officials justify our city engineer compacting sidewalks when he should be reviewing projects that are his responsibility as an engineer.

Government needs to understand the importance of clean transportation

 Governor Locke has the power to approve or reject the Olympic Pipe Line Company's proposed 230-mile Cascades pipeline, and he must be told in no uncertain terms that Washington doesn't want or need this project.

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