Northwest NEWS

August 3, 1998


Hooterville completes move to new Country Village location


Photo by Deborah Stone

Executive director of Hooterville, Peggy Barnish with Abby.

   by Deborah Stone
   Features writer

   Last Saturday, Hooterville Pet Safehaus held the grand opening of its new Country Village location in Bothell.
   According to Peggy Barnish, Hooterville's Executive Director, this newly opened location will house the cat adoption center and retail pet supplies. Dog adoptions will continue at the original shelter in Woodinville.
   "We have been searching for some time now for a space to move to as our place in Woodinville is crumbling and falling apart," said Barnish. "We initially thought we'd get enough space at Country Village, but we were only able to get about 1500 square feet. Before signing the lease, we also found out that they would not allow dogs to be housed there, so now we are on the lookout for another space to keep the dogs and also for a clinic. We are still renting space in Woodinville on a month-to-month basis, but we really need to move out of there as soon as possible."
   Hooterville's new location is bright, airy and cheerful without a shelter-like feel. New cages for the cats are spacious and provide plenty of opportunity to view the animals without disturbing them.
   There is even a playroom for the cats, which also allows a space for prospective owners to interact with the animals before making an adoption decision.
   Pet supplies are well-stocked and displayed for purchase, the sales of which provide needed funds for the care of the many homeless animals that Hooterville takes care of until permanent homes can be found.
   Barnish hopes that the Country Village location will give Hooterville more exposure.
   She says, "We are hoping that a whole new group of people will find out about us. The location gives us a wonderful opportunity to reach people and educate them about animal care. It is so important that people understand the problems that result in abandoning their animals or the consequences of not altering their pets. The more people who understand this, the fewer problems are created."
   Hooterville is full and overflowing, as it is currently kitten season.
   Other shelters are in the same situation and many facilities have to euthanize healthy cats to make space. Euthanasia is not an option at Hooterville unless an animal's illness makes it necessary.
   It is Barnish's ultimate dream to create a sanctuary for homeless animals in Western Washington.
   "We want to buy a place of our own with some land to house all our facilities in one location, but of course this takes much money and right now we are in debt. Our goal is for our retail sales and adoption fees to pay for our costs, but this is not a reality at present. We depend on donations and also do fundraisers and promotions throughout the year to help us meet our financial obligations."
   Hours at the Country Village location are 12-6, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 12-5 on weekends. The shelter is closed on Tuesday. For more information call 425-402-9664.