Northwest NEWS

August 10, 1998


Many living situations are available for seniors

   I am writing this letter because I was amazed by the unawareness of Bothell residents concerning alternatives to nursing homes for the elderly. At Skyview Junior High School, I held a survey for a long-term school project asking people what they had learned from my booth. Most of them answered that they learned that there were many options to choose from when deciding where and how to spend their later days.
   Most of the people that came to my booth had no idea that there are more than ten common alternatives to nursing homes. Some of them are Home Care Board and Care (residential care facilities,) Sheltered Care Communities, Life Care Communities, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Assisted-Living Facilities, Adult Day Care, Retirement Villages, Independent Living Communities, Congregate Housing, Shared Housing, and Dependent Living Arrangements. These all have different qualities that are customized to the people who live there.
   The choice of where to live when you're older is an important decision that everyone will have to make someday. I believe that if people are more educated about the different possibilities, they can make a better choice. Newspapers can help educate people by printing articles about alternate living conditions for the elderly so people can have many places to choose from.
   Kelsey Bestrop, Bothell