Northwest NEWS

August 10, 1998


Child homelessness threatens 'our future'

   I would like to bring to attention the tragedy of homelessness in our society. It is true that many people do not understand what homeless people are going through and it's also true that many people have been down the road of homelessness, sometimes more than once.
   What a lot of people don't hear about are the young people that are faced with the hardships of a homeless life every day.
   Child homelessness is not as commonly seen as adult homelessness, but it's there. Having to move regularly is a common event in the life of a homeless child. This makes it hard for the kids to make any friends or become social people. Over 250,000 children are born into poverty and homelessness every day.
   What is the world coming to if we cannot provide the essentials for those who are supposed to be "Our Future."
   I have read over and over again, how many children my age and much younger are living on the streets. There are kids, within my school, who have experienced what it is like to be homeless. Fortunately, I have never had to experience homelessness, and I hope that I never will.
   I believe that if we ourselves become more educated on the topic of the homeless, learn ways that we can pitch in and help those who are less fortunate and then teach our children, in time we may slowly have a solution for the problem that affects so many people.
   Elizabeth Christian, Bothell