Northwest NEWS

August 10, 1998


Domestic violence needs to be treated

   Have you been a victim of domestic violence? Has anyone in your household? Has anyone in your family? Any of your friends? Anyone in your neighborhood, or school? I believe that domestic violence is a major problem in society today. Even though domestic violence was hidden more in the past, I imagine women have kept quiet because of either shame or fear they might have.
   I also think that some women are not aware that domestic violence is against the law or that there are places to get help, such as counseling and shelters. As sad and helpless as domestic violence may seem, the only positive thing I can get out of it all is that people are seeking help more now than before. Not just the victims but also the abusers.
   One major cause of domestic violence is the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. If drugs and/or alcohol are affecting you or your partner and causing a destruction in your relationship, you should seriously consider seeking help. Women are killed more from domestic violence than they are from car accidents. The hardest and most important part of domestic violence is getting help or treatment for yourself.
   Seth Sharp, Bothell