Northwest NEWS

August 10, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Are traffic and soccer field problems really self imposed?

 It's weird how the King County Council (purposely) fails to admit that many of its traffic/soccer field problems are self-imposed.

If you agree, get involved

 In light of the recent water leak in downtown Seattle, how can the unnecessary installation of a 227-mile pipeline between Woodinville and Pasco Washington even be a consideration?

Government's primary goal should be to ensure public welfare

 This Cascade petroleum products' pipeline is unfairly planned in that it jeopardizes the welfare of those who live along its intended right-of-way, including my wife and I.

Council looking forward to cooperative county budget process

 This is a copy of a letter sent by county councilmembers to King County Executive Ron Sims.

Compassion and generosity shown for cancer patient

 When they heard that a cancer patient was suffering sleep loss and back pain because of the bed she was sleeping on, they bought her a new bed.

Many living situations are available for seniors

 Most people have no idea that there are more than ten common alternatives to nursing homes.

Child homelessness threatens 'our future'

 What is the world coming to if we cannot provide the essentials for those who are supposed to be "Our Future."

Illiteracy is a problem that needs help

 Of all the people in Washington who are functionally illiterate, 175,086 (33%) are from King County, and 50,484 (9%) are from Snohomish County.

Domestic violence needs to be treated

 The hardest part of domestic violence is getting help or treatment for yourself.

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