Northwest NEWS

August 10, 1998

Front Page

City of Kenmore adopts $3.15 million budget

   by Tom Traeger
   Kenmore reporter

   The City of Kenmore defined its spending and revenue parameters in the budget adopted at the August 3 council meeting. The 3.15 million dollar budget covers the period from May 8, the day council members took their oath of office, to Dec. 31 of this year.
   Similar to many new cities, the bulk of the city's budget covers staffing and contracting for services such as the police force. The city will not begin receiving revenues until November, 1998. To cover expenses in the interim, the city has a $750,000 line of credit with Seafirst Bank.
   Mayor Jack Crawford applauded the work of Interim Finance Director Robert Noack and the rest of the staff in compiling the budget document. He said the budget reflects many hours of council and staff work while listening to the community's priorities. "We take seriously the responsibility we have as stewards of our taxpayers' money, and we feel this is a sound financial framework in which to begin our city's operations."
   One potential expense which addresses a concern raised at various public hearings has to do with land use and building permits. The budget includes a staff position to accept and review land use permits, if only on a limited basis. Community Development Director Gregg Dohrn said, "This will hopefully alleviate some of the frustration experienced by residents." The current amount of building permit activity in Kenmore appears to be insufficient to warrant a staff position at this time. Alternatives for making that service more readily available at City Hall will be explored.
   Interim City Manager Steve Anderson assured those at the budget hearing that, "There are no new taxes in this budget so Kenmore residents will see about the same county tax bill as received in 1997." He said his staff is now preparing the 1999 budget which will be presented to the City Council in October.