Northwest NEWS

August10, 1998

Front Page

Residents outraged over killing of tame deer

   by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor

   CARNATION--Some residents who live on the outskirts of town were shocked last week when one tame deer was shot and killed, apparently by the owners of a local landscaping business.
   Neighbors said the owner of the business had obtained a legal permit to kill two deer from the state Fish and Wildlife Department office in Mill Creek.
   A spokesperson at the wildlife department office said the businessman was able to get the permits because he claimed commercial damage to his landscaping plants and "was able to prove it," she said. She would not confirm the landscaper's identity.
   The department official, who did not wish to be named, said she had heard that some people who live in the area were upset over the shotgun killing of the friendly deer.
   Randy Zeigler, who said he has been enjoying watching the deer for some time, said he was "extremely upset" over the incident.
   He said he was especially fond of the young two-point buck that was shot.
   "That was my little buddy," he said. "This is a residential area they were shooting in. [It] was shot in my neighbor's cow pasture. Instead of shooting, they could have put up a fence."