Northwest NEWS

August10, 1998

Front Page

Riverboat destroyed by vandals

   by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor

   DUVALL--The sandsculpture crafted on the Duvall beach over the July 25, 26 weekend as part of the Sandblast event was destroyed by vandals shortly after it was completed.
   The creation was a replica of the riverboat Black Prince, that brought supplies to the area around the turn of the century.
   Sandsculptors spent over two days creating the replica. Sandblast organizer Sunny Ruthchild said the destruction happened on Monday night, the first night it was left unguarded.
   Not only did the vandals wreck the sandsculpture, but they threw all her shovels in the river, she said.
   She added they also destroyed the "art walk" along the Snoqualmie River trail.
   "The riverboat was beautiful," she said. "It looked very authentic. This was just vicious vandalism."