Northwest NEWS

August 17, 1998


Carnation needs to learn from mistakes and move on

   This is in response to Raymond R. Walker's editorial dated Aug. 3, 1998. As a homeowner in Swiftwater and the wife of the latest appointed City Councilman, I take great offense to what Mr. Walker was suggesting in his letter. The improvements on Entwhistle are there to benefit everyone who lives, walks and drives down Entwhistle.
   Your statement "Our problems with the city government lie with some individuals who think they have become very powerful," is very interesting. Where was your cross section of the community at the last election? Was it Paula's and Don's fault they ran unopposed? What would have happened if they did not run for council?
   We have had only one person until the beginning of the year living in Swiftwater on the City Council. He, of course, is now our newly appointed mayor and doing the best he can, given all the criticism he unjustly takes.
   As for Stu, the newest appointed councilman, he applied both times for the open council positions. He did not get the position the first time and was very surprised he was appointed the second time. The reason for his surprise was the fact that he resides in Swiftwater and thought for that reason alone he did not have a chance for the appointment.
   Do you really think it is fair to disqualify someone just because of where they live? Instead of being critical of Swiftwater you should be grateful that it exists. In fact, two of the four people who applied for the last open position were from Swiftwater. It seems to me that the residents of Swiftwater want to be involved with our community. What is wrong with that? Should they be disqualified because of where they live?
   I believe our mayor is trying to get the citizens of Carnation involved by having public forums and citizen groups. If you want a check and balance system to exist, then you need to be a part of the solution.
   If you only come out to complain when something goes wrong, then who is really to blame? To have a community work, everyone needs to take responsibility for what is happening, good or bad.
   Have you given our city officials an opportunity to prove themselves?
   Yet you are blaming them for everything that has happened in the past.
   Swiftwater has only been in existence since 1990. Yet, we elected our first Swiftwater resident to office in 1995. According to you, I guess the town's problems began when Swiftwater arrived. What a short memory you seem to have.
   I have lived here for four years and in that time I have served on the 4th of July Committee, the Valley Recreation Association Board, Swiftwater Community Organization Board and the Shoreline Committee.
   I have served on these committees to contribute to this town and to get to know the people of Carnation. I too want the best for Carnation. When will you accept Swiftwater as another development in Carnation and not a separate entity?
   Without getting into dirt, don't you think there has been a lot of ugliness in this town for the past few months without trying to blame people who weren't responsible. Shouldn't we start standing behind our new council and support them during these trying times. If all you can do is blame them for all the things that went wrong because they happen to live in Swiftwater, then our town is in trouble.
   You accept our help on committees but not in city government. Why is that? When is it your turn to embrace us instead of calling us "those people who live in Swiftwater?" For the record, when people ask where I live I say "Carnation."
   Yes, let's make it "Our Town" not their town. Let's give our city officials the support and encouragement they need to get us through the mess we are in. Let's be proud of Carnation. Let's make it the town we all know it can be, not the town with all the problems. I think our new mayor and council can do it with help from the citizens, because we all live in Carnation and want the best for "Our Town." But the first step we need to take is stop blaming Swiftwater and "them" for our mess.
   Start accepting the fact it is all our responsibility to get involved and turn some of the negative into the positive. Hopefully, we have all learned from our mistakes and will now move forward.
   Kim Lisk, Carnation