Northwest NEWS

August 17, 1998


Don't give away our town, our Valley or our tax dollars

   In the July 20 issue of the Valley View we were distressed to read "Council looks at realigning Cherry Valley Road" where a developer proposes to use Duvall public funds for road improvements. The developer has proposed the construction of "about a dozen" townhouses on the first curve of Cherry Valley road above SR-203 (next to the historic Pioneer Cemetery.) He says that King County is requiring him to widen the road at that point to mitigate the impacts of his development to an already dangerous stretch of road, as well they should. Apparently, this isn't acceptable to Mr. Worley, who proposed before the Duvall City Council recently that the city "annex and vacate," at a cost to the tax-paying citizens of Duvall, that portion of Cherry Valley Road which is currently owned by the county.
   The developer then proposes a "realignment" of Cherry Valley Road for a direct route to SR-203, among other options, including extending 1st Ave. to the straight" portion of Cherry Valley Road.
   While citing these "improvements" as a means toward achieving a better road safety factor, the real intent of the developer is clear ... he's simply interested in using public funds for those road improvements instead of his own, which in the end would just benefit his development. This use of public funds for private benefit doesn't sit well with us or anyone else living in Duvall or in the Valley (if we may speak for them.)
   Duvall Mayor Kuntz stated that he doesn't feel "comfortable" with annexing the road. It should make him boiling mad that a greedy developer would even think the city would buy into such a scheme. But developers do it all the time. They must think they're doing the good people of Duvall and Cherry Valley a favor! That couldn't be further from the truth.
   Mayor Kuntz, we applaud your courage when it comes to dealing with developers. We only wish that had been the case when the Safeway and Miller's Homestead developments were proposed.
   Mayor Kuntz, don't give our town, our Valley or our tax dollars away to developers who could care less about the area beyond their own profit. As citizens we deserve better.
   Jon and Robyn Waite, Duvall