Northwest NEWS

August 17, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the swift kick in the pants

 The Letters from Young Readers made me feel that as parents we have to be doing something right. Then, unfortunately, I read the other letters from adults and pondered past letters and realized that these fine young people have a much clearer vision of what is important than we, the adults of the community, have.

Pipeline across Cascades not needed

 This project must be rejected. Washington residents should call Gary Locke and tell him so.

Historical mining allegation does not meet DDES requirements

 For the past several years DDES has been aware of the Albergs' attempts to convert their agriculturally zoned land into a mining extravaganza without going through a re-zone process. How much longer will it take DDES to convince themselves that the substance of Albergs' allegation is missing and that their claim of historical mining does not meet their own requirements?

Carnation needs to learn from mistakes and move on

 If you only come out to complain when something goes wrong, then who is really to blame? To have a community work, everyone needs to take responsibility for what is happening, good or bad.

Don't give away our town, our Valley or our tax dollars

 Duvall Mayor Kuntz stated that he doesn't feel "comfortable" with annexing the road. It should make him boiling mad that a greedy developer would even think the city would buy into such a scheme.

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