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August 17, 1998

Local News

Baskin-Robbins bandit turns himself in, again

   WOODINVILLE--A 27-year-old Kirkland man police say robbed the Woodinville Baskin-Robbins twice turned himself in, again, last week.
   King County police say the man called them early Aug. 9 from Seattle and was taken into custody. Police say the man robbed the ice cream parlor June 15, making off with cash from the register as well as the tip jar, though he wished clerks "a nice day." Before that, the man called police May 25 and told them to come pick him up. The previous week, police say he walked into Baskin-Robbins, asked for money and left with an undisclosed amount of cash, sipping a Cherry Coke and mumbling distractedly. He was released then due to a lack of information, according to King County Sheriff's spokesman John Urquhart. He said the case has been forwarded to county prosecutors.