Northwest NEWS

August 17, 1998

Valley Special

Valley pioneers picnic for 75 years

   by Beryl Adair Trezise
   Special to the Valley View

   CARNATION--One hundred and thirty-three descendants of the Snoqualmie Valley Pioneers and their friends enjoyed the 75th Annual Picnic on Aug. 2 at the Sno-Valley Senior Center in Carnation.
   The circular tables were colorful with large red geranium plants, a gift from Molbak's in Woodinville. These flowers were used for decorations and prizes for the winners of the contests.
   Before the picnic dinner, the Rev. Stephen Farnsworth of the Carnation Bible Church gave the invocation.
   After dinner, Isabel Larson Jones of Carnation, who has been president for 14 years, began the program by having vice-president Jack Perrigoue, also of Carnation, lead the flag salute.
   The memorial service followed, led by Jack, and his wife Beverly played the piano.
   In the 1998 pioneer royalty contest, Mildred Anderson, age 93, of Carnation, was crowned "Queen for the Day."
   Two ladies, each 92, were crowned "Princess for the Day." They were Marion Lake Harmon of Seattle and Addie Morford of Lacey.
   The oldest man attending was Wilbur Platt, age 89, of Carnation, who was crowned "King for the Day." Oliver Mackay, age 87, was crowned "Prince for the Day." President Isabel presented each winner a certificate of honor and a geranium plant.
   Beryl Adair Trezise of Seattle was presented a certificate of honor for 75 years of attendance at the picnic and her service of 26 years as secretary.
   The Riley family had the most members (13) present at the picnic. The person having the most grandchildren and great-grandchildren was Donald Davis, who has 52. Wilbur and Alfa Platt were honored for their marriage of 66 years.
   The Tolt High School Class of 1948 had the greater number present than any other class represented. A pair of twins, Patty Palmer Olsen and Diane Palmer Sturm, formerly of Carnation, sang a couple of songs.
   Gail Trezise read "The History of the Pioneer Picnic" which was written by her mother, Beryl Adair Trezise. Gail's grandparents, William and Estella Adair, started the picnic on July 4, 1923 at their Broad Acre Farm near Carnation.
   They never dreamed their get-togethers would last 75 years.
   Carlmer Sorenson, a talented and longtime attendee of the picnic, played a medley of songs on the piano.
   An Issaquah couple, Gene and Vern Linquist, dressed in Swedish costumes, entertained with lively music on the accordian, mandolin and flute.
   The Association appreciates the services of all of those who helped with the picnic to make it a success, namely Wesley Larson, Willow Guptill, Hilda Reichman, Delores Schroeder, Corrie Sinnema, May Johnson Byron and many others.
   Through the 75 years, the pioneer descendants have shared their history and enjoyed friendship, food and fun at the Snoqualmie Valley Pioneer Picnic.