Northwest NEWS

August 24, 1998


We don't need this kind of business

   I am writing in response to the article on adult store regulations on the front page of Aug. 10 Woodinville Weekly.
   Taylor Coleman wants Woodinville residents and the City Council to think he's squeaky clean.
   The only thing he's interested in is his profit margin. No one owns a store to have people come in, laugh, giggle, fantasize and have a good time (I'm quoting Coleman here.) You open a store to sell merchandise and make money.
   The paper stated that it has been shown that when a sexually oriented business is present there is a rise in crime. It's much easier to nip something in the bud than to try and fix things later.
   So do the right thing and say no.
   He may scream he's being discriminated against, but he can always try to find somewhere else to go. He's free to do that.
   I may not live in the Woodinville city limits, but my address is Woodinville, and I don't want this kind of business in our community.
   Do you remember Rare Pleasures when it sprouted up overnight? It was here one month and one day and we got rid of it thanks to the vice squad.
   Supposedly it was a dance studio at two and three a.m.? With all these little rooms in back? No we don't want or need this business.
   Make an open survey of the public and see how they feel, a phone number we can call at city hall and let you know. City Hall is supposed to be working for the well being of the community I believe, and this isn't in the well being.
   Pauline Thompson, Woodinville