Northwest NEWS

August 24, 1998


Dear Carnation, Duvall and Valley friends

   It is impossible to tell everyone personally how much your support and assistqnce has meant to our family.
   You have taken care of us through prayer, cards, notes, dinners, food, donation jars, generous giving and especially an enormous and awesome garage sale on June 20 (planned by Deanne Haas and Kathy Nelson) since we first received news of Mark's diagnosis of multiple myeloma cancer last November.
   During the second week of July we were able to harvest Mark's stem cells and are now trying to get him stronger so that we can complete the transplant.
   Complications always seem to crop up, but through it all we are learning a great deal about friendship, patience, love, encouragement and peace.
   Please know that it is YOU who have given us our strength. For those who are so gracious as to always ask, specific prayer for the reduction of Mark's pain would be wonderful.
   Again, thank you so very, very much for all of the generosity and love shown to us. We will always be grateful.
   Sue, Mark, Keri and David Heyting, Carnation