Northwest NEWS

August 24, 1998


A kind word with a big stick

   What part of no do these people not understand? Last year a ballot was taken and the people voted no. Perhaps they just don't know what no means.
   In Webster's dictionary the word "no" is defined as "an expression, a negative reply to a question or request; not at all; a refusal; a denial; a negative vote."
   Now that they know what "no" means maybe they will get the message that the people don't want or need a new play field. I for one certainly don't want or need it and I definitely don't want to pay the higher taxes for something I'd never use.
   I would think that after two no votes by the majority, these people would get the point. Come on people wake up. I have found that sometimes you get better results with a kind word and a big stick than just a kind word alone.
   So here is a kind word and a big stick with an important message to the superintendent, Jack Ernst.
   We the people of Riverview School District do not want to be taxed for an additional playfield.
   We are already over taxed and do not wish to be taxed further. If we wanted higher taxes, we could move over the hill, into the land of the yuppies, Redmond.
   Being a semi retired person, I only have so much money each month to go around and I like to put it to better use like being able to buy food.
   And to all the wise people reading this letter, please think twice before you decide to vote yes on any tax increases, don't you have something better to do with your hard earned money than padding someone's wallet?
   So remember people when you go out to vote, vote no because voting no really means that you are voting yes. Yes, you want to keep more money in your pocket.
   Bob Scott, Carnation