Northwest NEWS

August 24, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Family was 'reel' impressed

 Hooray for the management and staff of Woodinville 12!

Mayor will be in the front row

 I expected a good performance from local talent but what I saw was an excellent performance by professional actors!

Overflows are probably a result of weather conditions

 The $22,000 and $11,000 penalties may appear small change to the EPA, but it's a huge amount to dairy farmers beset by government regulations that are driving many out of business.

Knoll looks to the future

 This simply is Knoll Lumber's story.

We don't need this kind of business

 The paper stated that it has been shown that when a sexually oriented business is present there is a rise in crime. It's much easier to nip something in the bud than to try and fix things later.

Adequate design needed for SR202/148th intersection

 The City of Woodinville does not have unlimited funds to spend on roads, parks or a city hall. All funds must be used judicially.

Unity is important to neighborhoods

 For too long now we have tolerated our own increasing fear of crime.

Dear Carnation, Duvall and Valley friends

 During the second week of July we were able to harvest Mark's stem cells and are now trying to get him stronger so that we can complete the transplant.

A kind word with a big stick

 We the people of Riverview School District do not want to be taxed for an additional playfield.

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