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August 24, 1998

Local News

Kirkland man pleads not guilty to Baskin-Robbins robberies

   WOODINVILLE--Michael Lance Brown needed money to feed his drug addiction so he twice robbed the Woodinville Baskin-Robbins this spring, according to papers from the King County Prosecutor's Office.
   For his part, Brown, also known as Michael Christian Shook, pled not guilty to two counts of second-degree robbery in King County Superior Court.
   According to papers, Brown allegedly timed the robberies, one May 18 and the other June 15, to coincide with Metro bus schedules.
   The 27-year-old Kirkland man would walk into the ice cream parlor, make threats to harm the employees, demand money and leave, papers say.
   Afterwards, Brown would call police wanting to turn himself in.
   But store clerks had trouble identifying him in photo montages. After the first robbery, a clerk was shown a montage in which she was unable to identify Brown as the suspect. He was released from jail.
   After the second robbery, though, a fellow clerk pointed to his photo and stated, "I think this is him."
   He was picked up in Seattle Aug. 9, allegedly wanting to be arrested for a drug warrant and the two robberies.
   Brown is being held on $250,000 bail.
   He has prior convictions for first-degree robbery, first-degree attempted robbery, judicial settlements for taking a motor vehicle without permission, second degree burglary in 1987 and 88, and second-degree escape. He also has numerous misdemeanor convictions, has used three aliases and is awaiting a drug trial in King County Superior Court.