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August 24, 1998

Local News

A look back at Kenmore history




   Top photo: The Class of 1914 at Kenmore School. From left to right: Teacher, Mrs. Belle Nottingham, Pupils, Pierre Bump, Lawrence (Happy) Salmon, Harold Niemeyer, unknown Berg, Jack Collins, Earl Niemeyer, unknown Berg, and Lois Gorman. Others who attended, Elizabeth and Vernon Keener. Lois Gorman became Mrs. Vernon Keener.
   Bottom left photo: Delancy Mitchell's residence, store and station circa 1934. This general store was adequate to serve the community's needs. The location is the Northwest corner of Bothell Way and 68th Avenue NE (Juanita Way).
   Bottom right photo: Kenmore Realty Office 1934. This building began across the street near the fruit stand of Henry Lemm, the Watermelon King. It was moved to this place in 1932 for a realty office. Salesman Cosby's car is seen adjacent. Since then this humble building has been used as a traffic court, violet shop, Kikuya Gifts, an aquarium and is now the Tai-Ho Restaurant.