Northwest NEWS

August 24, 1998


Students head back to school

   by Woodinville Weekly staff
   It's a date parents may like and their school-age children may loath, but for Northshore students, school starts Sept. 2.
   Over 20,000 kindergartners, third-graders, sophomores, and all the rest, will bring the halls of the district's 30 schools back to life next Wednesday.
   The district's enrollment is expected to rise 2.4 percent above last year, according to Dr. Pamela Steele, district communications director.
   Steele broke the percentage into two different categories, "head count" and "FTE" or full-time equivalent.
   She said head count is up by 500 students, while there will be about 458 more FTEs. Last year, there was a head count of 19,731 students on the fourth day of school, she said.
   For the district, it will be a year of studies, according to Steele.
   She said a task force will look at the transportation system, and another will look at graduation requirements.
   The district will also begin the TOSA program. It stands for "Teachers On Special Assignment," according to Gail Robbins, staff development director.
   Six teachers, four at the elementary level and two at junior high, will assist fellow teachers in implementing new state education standards. The educators will focus on language arts and math, Robbins said.
   The program, done in Lake Washington and Highline school districts, was found to be the most helpful in terms of getting into classrooms, Robbins said.
   Meanwhile, results from last year's fourth and seventh grade Washington Assessment of Student Learning test results will be released the second week of school.