Northwest NEWS

August 24, 1998


The kindergarten blues

   by Eva Zemandl
   "Boo hoo, Mommy, I don't wanna go to kindergarten!" I bet you're singing that to your mom this last week of summer. But whoever told you that kindergarten was a crying matter, probably missed out on all the fun and fantasia of kindergarten.
   Being a kindergartner is something to be really proud of, especially if you know some big kids.
   Here's something to make your older friends jealous of you. Kindergarten lasts only half the day, but the big kids have to go all day. That means you have more time to play house or to play with your hot race cars.
   The yummiest thing about kindergarten is that you get to eat lunch at home. Mmmm. There' s nothing better than mommy's lunch.
   After you've worked hard all day long, and your fingers are sleepy from coloring, there's nap time.
   Maybe that doesn't sound like too much fun right now, but I'm telling you; after all that time, even the pros on fun just can't wait to sleep a little. And just between you and me...(shhh!)...if you're really good at nap time, your teacher might give you something really tasty to eat! You didn't hear that from me, okay?
   I bet you don't care for bedtime, and I don't blame you. But I like the time before bedtime, when daddy reads me a story. Well, in kindergarten you get plenty of story time.
   Not only do you get to eat lunch at home, but you get to eat a little something at school. It's called snack time. And you get to munch on the coolest things, like oranges, apples, marshmallows, crackers, all the good stuff! Just don't suck your thumb. Let's face it, you're a totally cool kid now.
   There's also this really strange thing called "Show and Tell." Now, it's not a show made by space aliens; it's made up by your teacher.
   (Maybe she was a space alien over the summer...but you didn't hear that from me either.) No, really, "Show and Tell" has to be my favorite part of kindergarten. It's the best way to tell everyone about what makes you a neat person. During "Show and Tell" you get to bring in your favorite toy, a pet, or something you're really proud of. Then, when it's your turn, you get to tell everybody about what you brought in. And no, bringing in yourself does not count. That's something a space alien would do.
   There now. You can see kindergarten isn't bad at all. It'll be the greatest time of your life. Once summer pops up again, you won't want to leave. And oh, if the big kids are giving you a hard time about being small, just remember that they're missing out on all the kindergarten fun.