Northwest NEWS

August 31, 1998


Woodinville players displayed the true spirit of baseball

   Congratulations to all the Little Leaguers from Washington! I am a third grade teacher in San Bernardino, CA. On Thursday, August 20, I decided to watch my first Little League game at the Western Regional Finals. I was interested because I had played baseball as a youth for nine years and wanted to remember my days as a ball player. I must say I was more than impressed with the game. In fact, I would consider that championship game the best game I have ever witnessed, and I watch a lot of baseball. Even though the game was free, I felt I should have paid to watch such a well-played game.
   The players from Woodinville showed true sportsmanship. My hat's off to Duke Welker. He blew my mind when he congratulated the Cypress boy who just had hit a double off him in that fateful sixth inning. That moment will stand out in my mind for ever. John Welker should be proud of his son; I am. We need more Duke Welkers in our society today. Thank you, Woodinville for displaying the true spirit of the game of baseball.
   Jim Hudson, third grade teacher, San Bernardino, California