Northwest NEWS

August 31, 1998


Thank you for a very exciting evening

   I am writing you from New Underwood, South Dakota, also known as Rapid City. One night last week I was flipping channels when I came across your game in San Bernardino. It really got my interest as I had five kids, all in Little League at one time or another including my daughter who continued with an interest in the game. She excelled in high school and went to college on a softball scholarship - my claim to bragging rights.
   You guys are to be congratulated on your ability and team effort. My heart broke right along with yours when the tying run came in. It was exciting to go into overtime, but didn't end up with the way I had hoped it would. You young men played with such an orchestrated effort. It was obvious to me that your coaches had put a lot of time and work into your collective effort to make your team a success.
   No one spends a "lot of time practicing to be a loser," according to my ball-playing daughter. But you are a credit to your community in the athletic ability and sportsmanship you showed. I'm sure your coaches and parents are justly proud of you. You are not "losers" by any means. You came a long way and played at an almost professional level, and I hope someday some of you will continue along that line.
   Thank you for a very exciting evening. I am a grandma now, but I still enjoy Little League.
   The best of luck to all of you.
   Ruth Dicus, Underwood, SD