Northwest NEWS

August 31, 1998


Clarification of Nelson homestead availability

   (This is a copy of a speech delivered to the Woodinville City Council, Aug. 24)
   I am Phyllis Draughn. My maiden name was Nelson. My purpose for being here is to clarify a misconception regarding the property I inherited from my parents. I would first like to quote a passage from The Woodinville Weekly dated Aug. 17:
   "On the parks front, the city identified funding for acquiring the Nelson homestead above Woodinville."
   My folks purchased this property in 1933, so it has been in the family for the past 65 years. Hopefully it will remain in the Nelson family for at least the next 65 years. Since my mother's death, we have never had any intentions or inclinations to sell any portion of the 20 acres, much less all of it. The initial listing of the property as "available" was inappropriate by the Parks and Recreation Department. I have had several conversations with Lane Youngblood and have informed her the property was not available. I find it very difficult to understand how "Identified Funding" can be in existence when there had never been a price set on the property or even a discussion of a price with anyone connected with the family by anyone in the City of Woodinville.
   Over the past three years, there have been numerous mentions in the paper regarding the Nelson homestead and the City of Woodinville making it into a park. Granted, we have a large portion of the property declared as open space, however, this does not mean that we plan to sell or donate all or any portion of this property to anyone at this time or in the foreseeable future.
   The continual reference to our property, by the council, as seen periodically in the Woodinville Weekly, has become quite disturbing to myself and my family. Hopefully this will clarify the family position regarding this property and we will see nothing in future publications regarding it as having been discussed at one of your meetings.
   Should there come a time, for whatever reason, we decide to sell any portion or all of this property, we would be happy to consider any offer by the City of Woodinville along with others.
   I sincerely hope that my appearance here and clarification of our position on the property will serve to cause any and all speculation to cease. Thank you.
   Phyllis Draughn, Woodinville