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August 31, 1998

Local News

Potluck picnic celebrates Duvall's 85th birthday


(l-r:) The Forgues grandchildren, Ray Mullin and wife, John Mullin with neighbor, Jill Giuliani

   by Tove Burhen
   DUVALL--The Duvall Historical Society hosted a potluck picnic at Taylor Landing Park on Aug. 23 to celebrate the City of Duvall's 85th birthday.
   Special guests were the Tolt Historical Society, Duvall Councilmember Pat Fullmer, Duvall Postal employee Sue Johnson and the Forgue family from the Snoqualmie Tribe.
   The Duvall Society had special envelopes with a logo created by artist Tom Matthiesen for sale. Sue Johnson and former postmaster Velma Hill hand cancelled special stamps affixed either to the envelopes or postcards.
   For the next month, these commemorative envelopes can be purchased from the Duvall Post Office. Historical Society members present included several women born in Duvall near the time of incorporation, their parents having settled in the community previously called Cherry Valley.
   These were Verle Chipman Bowe, Velma Hix Hill, Mae Spoelstra Kosters and Ruth Herman Bellamy.
   Descended from even older local ancestors were the Forgue family of the Snoqualmie Tribe,who brought a very special drum which they played while singing "place," "canoe" and "love" songs.