Northwest NEWS

August 31, 1998

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King County approves LakePointe roads

   In late July the King County Council approved a Road Improvement District (RID) in the Kenmore area. Following a public hearing on the issue held at its August 24 meeting, the council voted unanimously to officially establish RID 126 to finance construction of roads in the LakePointe development. This action by the county ensures that the commercial/residential development does not overwhelm the newly incorporated city. The vote coming prior to the August 31 incorporation date was critical. The RID will be financed with bonds and repaid over time by a special tax levied on LakePointe land owners. King County will contribute $964,000, toward the construction costs because the new roads will also be used by the general public.
   "This has been a true collaboration between the county, the City of Kenmore, the LakePointe Citizens Advisory Task Force, and the developer," said Councilwoman Maggi Fimia. "The RID would not have happened without this cooperative effort, and LakePointe couldn't become a reality without these roads."
   The district was set up to provide financing for $26 million in bonds to fund the road improvements. That includes construction of an elevated roadway from State Route 522 to 68th Ave NE which will be primary access to LakePointe Blvd., the entrance into the new development.
   "We feel the task force has acted as a conduit for community concerns and interests which are addressed in the final LakePointe design," said Jan Whitner, a member of the citizens task force. "LakePointe will be an exciting addition to our community and we support the formation of the RID."
   "I'm excited and proud for Kenmore," said Fimia. "This will transform the unusable waterfront into a vibrant center for our new city." Her comments were echoed by Kenmore's Director of Community Development, Gregg Dohrn, who said, "the city is very pleased with the action of the County Council and we look forward to working further with the county in the completion of the LakePointe project."