Northwest NEWS

August 31, 1998

Front Page

Miller's Homestead hearing postponed

   by Barbara Sullivan
   Contributing writer

   DUVALL--The proponents of the 25-acre Miller's Homestead development, who were expected to give their presentation to the City Council last week, were forced to postpone it again so the parties involved could review and respond to a letter circulated by city staff at the opening of the council meeting.
   At the meeting previous to that one, the proponents (Neal Coy and Paul Konrady) had asked for their presentation to be delayed so they could study hydrology reports by engineers hired by nearby residents who are worried the development could adversely affect them.
   The subject of last week's letter was: "Recommendations for additional water characterization and evaluation," prepared by both city planner Eric Jensen and city engineer Elizabeth Goode.
   Jim McBride, attorney for the proponents, told the council that just as the meeting began, he had been handed the single-space typed letter.
   McBride then requested a month for his clients to review the document point by point and prepare a scope of studies.
   As Goode pointed out, the letter included a "possible scope of water studies, and was intended as a suggestion and it was really up to the applicant to decide what study they want to propose."
   The attorney for Lou and Carroll Whipple, who live adjacent to the proposed 73-home development, and the representative for the Miller Street residents both requested to be included in any proposed scope of studies and the opportunity to review letters or other materials three to four days in advance of a meeting.
   The Whipples are requesting the proponents be required to do an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed plat due to the sensitivity of the area and a shallow aquifer underneath that supplies water for the Whipples' trout ponds.
   Jim Bourasa, city administrator, stated that, "Eric and Elizabeth worked like crazy all day to get this report...the staff wasn't dragging their feet, they've been working diligently."
   He said Jensen and Goode spent most of two days working on the letter after only just receiving the material themselves.
   In two weeks, the involved parties will update the council on their progress and hold the public hearing on Sept. 24.