Northwest NEWS

August 31, 1998

Valley Special

TAFT: The Duvall-Carnation Youth Council

   by Eva Zemandl
   Special to the Valley View

   Duvall and Carnation have seemed to be a vast desert for today's youth, devoid of positive activities, programs, and entertainment.
   However, in April of 1998 the Lower Snoqualmie Valley Youth Summit (organized by Friends of Youth) provided a first step in changing the lives of its young citizens. During the summit, students from Tolt and Cedarcrest were joined by facilitators, teachers, community members, county representatives, and sponsors to collaborate on issues concerning youth activities.
   Students voted to concentrate on building a skate park, opening the doors to transportation and job/internship opportunities and improving the youth center.
   The enthusiasm was flaring then, but has anything happened since then?
   The Duvall-Carnation Youth Council was formed as a result of the eagerness of students who wanted to continue the progress.
   In July and August alone, the group composed of Tolt and Cedarcrest students has accomplished amazing feats. They participated in the Carnation Chamber of Commerce Garage Sale. They have held two meetings concerning further development of the four proposals voted on, and have hosted two additional meetings focusing directly on the skate park construction.
   The first skate park meeting was held on July 28 at the Carnation Library. Bruce Carter, a local skate park expert, presented an informative video showcasing the different skate park designs.
   The second skate park meeting was held on August 21 at the Carnation fire hall. The youth council members passed out flyers advertising the meeting to local teen hangouts and to students attending registration at Tolt and Cedarcrest. All specifics concerning the skate park are pending, but the youth council and the skate park subcommittee will decide on the location.
   Transportation is also a critical issue. The Duvall Police Department will donate a school bus to the council to be used as youth-only transit. However, the bus cannot function without the necessary repairs. Currently, the council is trying to find a mechanic who is willing to donate time for the important cause.
   On August 18 the Duvall-Carnation Youth Council voted to be referred to as Teens Acting For Tomorrow (TAFT). They have also scheduled the third TAFT meeting to take place on September 24 at 7 p.m. at the Carnation Library.
   All Tolt and Cedarcrest students are welcome to attend and join. Soon, four officers will be chosen (two Tolt students and two Cedarcrest students) to head TAFT, and each member will receive the chance to become an officer. Four subcommittees will be formed to accommodate the four proposals decided on at the summit. The council also plans to assist Riverview in passing the new bonds and levies this fall.
   In addition, an advisory group will support TAFT in their efforts and make sure their needs are met. The advisory group members include representatives from the City of Duvall, Multi-Service Center, Carnation Chamber of Commerce, Friends of Youth, King County Parks, United Way, YMCA, and many other organizations and private businesses.
   It was decided that TAFT and the advisory group would operate together under the name Lower Valley Youth Programs (LVYP).
   TAFT is ready to swing in September. If you're a dedicated youth willing to work for more opportunities in the valley, TAFT is for you.
   If anybody is interested in joining this youth council, or would like to donate their mechanical skills to repair the bus, contact Lorry Clapp (the mastermind of LVYP) at 844-2090 or 333-4457.