Northwest NEWS

September 7, 1998


There is no need for pipeline

   We are very definitely opposed to the Olympic pipeline application to the Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council to construct 227 miles of pipeline to transport petroleum products from Woodinville to Pasco. This company is owned by Texaco, Arco and Gatx.
   The "need" is for them to make profits without considering that it could be an environmental disaster for our state. Eastern Washington is already supplied by two pipelines from the Rocky Mountains. There is no need. Over 400 rivers, streams and waterways would be impacted.
   On Aug. 23, a Seattle newspaper had an article regarding fresh water entitled, "Are we running dry?"
   If steps are not taken now, there could be a major shortage. If petroleum products leak into our aquifers, there would be no way to clean them up, and fresh water would be lost. If there is even a possibility this could happen, the pipeline should not be built. We need our aquifers.
   The facts that are being given to the public are neither true nor accurate. They state they have had no petroleum spills, yet the Department of Ecology fined them for two different oil spills in surface water during the first half of 1996. Olympic had 44 spills from 1966 to 1996 with the losses totaling 509,559 gallons along I-5. The new pipeline could break and leak from earthquakes and landslides. Olympic admits they must rely on the public to help detect leaks.
   Olympic states most of the pipeline would be built on established corridors.
   Not so. Fifty-six percent lies within a new corridor. If setbacks are required, up to 80% could be in a new corridor. If the pipeline is to be built, easements would be required from private land owners. If permission is given and a leak occurs, that landowner would be responsible for damages.
   If you are opposed to this pipeline, get more information from the Cascade Columbia Alliance, 206-728-1289
   Jessie and Bud Crim, Snohomish