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September 7, 1998

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Man wants sentimental mailbox back

WOODINVILLE--It drew smiles from neighbor kids when they passed the mailbox painted like a yellow school bus, but now Larry Cain's retirement gift has been stolen. The box, put up a year ago at 17641 167th Ave. N.E., turned up missing the night of Aug. 28. Cain is offering a cash reward for its return.
   Cain said the box has sentimental value for him. It was painted by his daughter-in-law when he retired after 30 years from his job as a mechanic for the Bellevue School District.
   He said this is the first time in 25 years of living near Lake Leota that anything like this has happened to him.
   The box was well-liked in the area as well. After it was put up, Cain said he found a note in it that read, "Every time I pass your new mailbox I smile and think of how much it brightens my day. I am not alone, my dear friend Alyssa who lives down the road agrees with me. The yellow school bus is a delightful addition to the neighborhood."
   Anyone with information is asked to contact the Woodinville Weekly, 483-0606.

Wanted: poll workers

SEATTLE--King County needs poll workers for the September 15 primary election.
   The county needs judges and inspectors. Both pay $5.15 an hour for an approximately 15-hour shift from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Judges distribute ballots, maintain poll books and oversee the ballot box. Inspectors are in charge of the election team and oversee operations at the polling site. Inspectors are also responsible for bringing and dropping off completed ballots to elections' headquarters.
   Inspectors and judges must also attend paid training classes. Workers must be able to set up the polling place; inspectors need valid driver's licenses and their own transportation to pick up and drop off supplies.
   Those who wish to apply should call the King County Elections Office at (206) 296-1606.

Snohomish County declares total burn ban

EVERETT--With continued hot weather and dry conditions came a total burn ban in unincorporated Snohomish County.
   County Fire Marshal Larry Blanchard declared the ban Aug. 31.
   Currently, there is also a total burn ban in King County. Except for cooking fires, all outdoor burning is banned.
   According to Terry Morse, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, it last rained Aug. 23 when .01 inches came down at Sea-Tac. Prior to that, .20 inches of precipitation fell Aug. 16. After that rainfall, Snohomish County went from a total to a modified burn ban but ramped it back up last week.
   Blanchard said it would take at least three days of rain to lift the ban. But the forecast remains dry.
   "We don't see any rain anytime soon. High pressure is digging in," Morse said.

Canyon Park Wells Fargo robbed

BOTHELL--The Canyon Park Wells Fargo bank was robbed last Thursday afternoon by a white male who made off with the ever popular "undisclosed amount of money," according to Bothell Police Captain Bob Woolverton.
   The suspect was similar in description to a man the FBI believes responsible for at least six other Eastside robberies this summer. Woolverton said the suspect walked into the bank in the 22700 block of the SR 527, passed a note to a teller demanding money and implied he had a gun.
   He left on foot, but Woolverton said a dye pack likely exploded as the suspect got into his car. He said smoke brought tears to the eyes of a woman in a nearby parking area. There was no description of the car, though police said to watch for a vehicle with red dye or for red money in circulation.
   The suspect is described as between 20 and 30, 5'10" to 6-foot, 160 to 170 pounds. He wore a white ballcap with a dark bill, dark wraparound sunglasses, a long-sleeved shirt and light colored jeans or Docker's style pants.
   Elsewhere, a black man in a mask robbed the Kingsgate Washington Mutual Sept. 2, the second time in a month the bank has been hit. Initial reports said the suspect brandished a gun at the bank, located at the corner of N.E 144th St. and 124th Ave. N.E. He was last seen headed eastbound on 144th in a green 1970s two-door Toyota or Datsun. Washington Mutual was robbed Aug. 13 by a suspect similar to the man who robbed the Canyon Park Wells Fargo.

Mobile home destroyed by fire

BOTHELL--A mobile home in north Bothell was a total loss after a fire early last week. According to Bothell Fire and EMS, arriving units found light smoke coming from a single family unit at the Canyon Park Mobile Home Park around 2:30 a.m. Aug. 31.
   According to Fire Marshal Denny Wright, that model mobile home used aluminum wiring that, if connections aren't maintained, have a tendency to loosen. When they do, they can arc and cause a fire. Wright said that was apparently what happened.
   Nobody was at the home at the time of the fire. Dollar loss was estimated at over $13,000.
   Bothell as well as Northshore and Snohomish County fire crews responded to the alarm. Fire officials say most residential fires occur in the middle of the night and strongly encourage smoke detectors be installed.

Sheriff asks for help locating man who grabbed girl

EVERETT--The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office is turning up the heat on Roy Frederick Russell by asking for the public's help in locating him.
   Russell is suspected of a "luring" incident in early July. According to Sheriff's spokeswoman Jan Jorgensen, Russell, a 42-year-old white male, approached three 13-year-old girls in an Arlington-area grocery store parking lot, struck up a conversation and gave them cigarettes. He singled one girl out and began talking to her, but she became uncomfortable with his comments and walked away. Russell allegedly grabbed her wrist, but she broke free and fled with her friends.
   Sheriff's deputies previously contacted Russell who said he would come in, Jorgensen said, but then he didn't. She says there is now a $20,000 warrant out for his arrest. She termed him "well known to law enforcement," and said he would be charged with "luring."
   The crime is punishable by zero to twelve months prison time regardless of past history, according to the Snohomish County Prosecutor's Office.
   Russell is described as 6'1", 175 pounds, with shoulder-length red hair, a red mustache and red beard. He lives in a trailer and frequently moves around. He was last seen driving a forest green 1978 Ford pickup with a lime green stripe down the side. The license plate is 64799-J.
   Anyone with information should call (425) 388-3839.

Three promoted to sergeant

SEATTLE--King County Sheriff Dave Reichert last week announced the promotion of three veteran officers to the rank of sergeant.
   Two of the three, J.T. Gerke, and William Bonar, will be assigned to the North Precinct in Kenmore.
   Gerke, 36, is a 10-year veteran, previously serving as a patrol officer, motorcycle officer and spent four years as a training officer.
   Bonar, 53, has been with the Sheriff's office since 1980, working as a DUI and motorcycle officer, as well as a firearms instructor. Most recently he's been a detective conducting fraud investigations.
   The other officer, Michael Hatch, 46, will be assigned to the Maple Valley Precinct.