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September 7, 1998

Local News

Mysterious wild cat found near Cottage Lake


Photo courtesy Riggles family

The mysterious cat that showed up in a Cottage Lake neighborhood last week settled for a lunch of tuna.

   COTTAGE LAKE--A wild cat believed to be either an ocelot or a serval was captured near Cottage Lake last Friday afternoon.
   Kathleen Riggles said she discovered the cat after a friend's small dog got out of her home near N.E. 183rd St. and Woodinville-Duvall Road.
   Men working nearby said as the dog came close to a bush, the plant started moving.
   She said the cat jumped out and "looked like it was going to have lunch" with the dog.
   But a meal was averted.
   Riggles said the cat, about the size of a bobcat and kind of on the thin side, was herded into a neighbor's yard. She tried to feed it dog food, but it wasn't interested, though it rubbed against her legs after she offered it some tuna.
   Animal Control was called and eventually captured the cat.
   It was unknown whether the cat had escaped or was turned loose. An iguana was also seen nearby.
   Ocelots are native to South America while serval come from Africa. Both are about four-feet long and two-feet tall. Riggles described the cat as looking like a "mini leopard."