Northwest NEWS

September 7, 1998

Front Page

Kenmore City Council meets officially

Senior Planner Debbie Bent hired by city

   by Tom Traeger
   Kenmore reporter

   The word "interim" was missing from all written and oral communication at the Kenmore City Council's meeting on August 31.
   It was the day the incorporation of the city took effect and the council members seemed to appreciate the official status that was so long in coming.
   As City Manager Steve Anderson reminded them, "Your tasks will remain pretty much the same, but from now on you can truly have an impact on local and regional affairs."
   The council members were still in the afterglow of the previous day's community wide celebration which included parades, speeches, ribbon cutting ceremony, food, music, and fireworks.
   Council members reported on the many positive comments they heard about the festive day and their appreciation in being a part of the many activities.
   The business of the council dealt primarily with personnel issues including policy, retirement plans, social security, medical plan, and other employee matters.
   Senior planner on staff
   A new staff member, Senior Planner Debbie Bent was introduced. She will have responsibility for land use and short plat applications.
   Prior to her appointment to this position, she has served for a year and one half as city planner with the City of Duvall and before that she held a similar position in Pennsylvania.
   Bent indicated that she wants to be responsive to the residents of the city and to answer land use questions which can often be complex. "My goal" she said, "is to serve people with land issues in an efficient and timely manner."
   Building permits will continue to be handled by the county. Anderson indicated that area may in the future be handled by the city but current demand does not warrant staff in that role.
   He said discussions have been held with Lake Forest Park on the possibility of sharing this function. He said, "That may be a viable arrangement someday."
   Bent said she is busy setting up her department but activity is already underway.
   She indicated that within minutes of the City Hall opening on its first official day of business as a newly incorporated city, an application for a variance for an accessory dwelling unit was on her desk.
   A major task she will have will be working with other city staff members in developing a comprehensive plan for the city of Kenmore.
   City Manager Steve Anderson spoke glowingly of Bent's credentials and work ethic.
   He said the entire staff looks forward to the contribution that Bent will be making to the city as it begins to take shape.