Northwest NEWS

September 7, 1998

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90 Years of Country Fun


For 90 years, local farm kids have brought their livestock to show at the Evergreen Fair in Monroe. Taking a break from their fair chores last week, Kristen Irving, 12, Laura Haakenson, 17, and Miriam Zylstra, 12, snuggled up with Laura's Brown Swiss heifer "Greta," while the neighboring Brown Swiss tried to take a bite out of Kristen's hair. Kristen and Laura are members of the Carnation Clippers 4-H Club. Miriam (in the cow costume) is a member of Bicycle Tree 4-H.


Carnation resident Jodie Walters puts the finishing touches on "Dolla," for a horse and rider costume class at the Evergreen Fair. Jodie, 14, is a member of the Bridle Vaqueros 4-H group and a student at Tolt Middle School. Many of the local 4-Hr's and their animals can be seen at the upcoming Puyallup Fair.