Northwest NEWS

September 7, 1998

Front Page

Youngsters help clean up bike trail

   by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor

   CARNATION--Over the summer, while Police Officer Scott Allen was making his rounds through town, he noticed that the bike trail behind the elementary school was littered with debris and the remains of old bicycles.
   He came up with an idea. He thought if he could get enough kids together, with a little incentive, maybe they could get the trail cleaned up.
   So, he put out the word on the streets-he would buy lunch for any kid who showed up to help that coming Saturday.
   That was two weeks ago, and not only did the trail get cleaned up, Officer Allen didn't even have to buy lunch for the kids who showed up-local businesses took care of that.
   "Eight kids between the ages of 10 and 14 arrived right on schedule and worked for three hours," Allen said.
   "The River Run Cafe donated sandwiches, Starbucks gave them milkshakes and cookies and St. Vincent de Paul took all the wrecked bicycles."
   Allen said St. Vincent's gives away free bicycles, and that older youths took advantage of the program to take the 10-15 bikes to the trail just to wreck them.
   He said the kids who worked the entire day were Kevin Gochanour, 14; Ryan McKinnon, 10; Jeff Roswold, 15; Corey Nollette, 13 and Chris Nollette, 10 and Gary Knutson, 14.
   The young helpers also picked up tons of garbage, he added.
   Allen said he was very proud of the kids' good citizenship.
   "And the trail is spic and span."