Northwest NEWS

September 14, 1998


Woodinville West All-Stars 1998 thankful for support from community

   Allow us to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you have given us during our extended baseball season.
   Words can not adequately describe how important and inspirational it was to us knowing that the community was so supportive of our efforts. We were very proud to represent the Woodinville community and the State of Washington.
   We learned a lot over our 61 days of playing baseball. We learned how important it was to work hard, have fun, to be gracious whether we won or lost and above all, to be good sports.
   Thanks again for your support of our efforts in pursuit of the "true spirit" of the game.
   Coaches: Mike Lenta, John Welker, Glenn Phillips. Players: Bret Bochsler, Joey Dunn, Andy Lentz, Cory Nichol, Kramer Phillips, Darren Pohl, Andrew Sego, Joey Stivala, Hans Stolz, Joey Thornley, Matt Tuiasosopo, Duke Welker.