Northwest NEWS

September 14, 1998


A kind word and a bigger stick

   In reference to Bob Scott's letter published a couple of weeks ago, I am a parent with children in Riverview Schools that refuses to take voter turnout as a no.
   In the last two times that the bond was on the ballot, both times the yes vote was the majority. Unfortunately the yes vote needs to be 60% to validate the election, so the bond did not pass. With the influx of new students (total student population approximately 3000) those parents with children attending the schools will in all probability vote to benefit them, and why shouldn't they?
   If all the Valley members had the attitude of Mr. Scott: "I for one don't want or need it," then each person would have that sorry excuse for not building for future generations. I am saddened by this point of view.
   Just so everyone knows, a large group of parents asked the Riverview School Board and Dr. Ernst to run this bond again. Thank you to them for listening to the parents they are accountable to in this district.
   Some numbers for you to ponder are for a $200,000 home the cost of the Community Recreation and Fields Bond would be approximately $6 a month. Is that really all that "food on the table" or merely a 6-pack of soda pop and a big bag of chips?
   I am finding that everyone has his or her own needs and wants. Through community input we have tried to make sure these fields can benefit the whole community and most importantly all our children. Can't we find a way to put aside our personal agendas, and turn out Nov. 3 and vote yes for the children of Riverview Schools?
   Becky Nixon, parent of Riverview student now and one coming up