Northwest NEWS

September 14, 1998


Don't feed the monster

   We are urging voters to vote no on Fire District 10 Proposition 1 and Referendum 49. Too much of the funds for legitimate public purposes is being financed by indebtedness; this robs the citizens/taxpayers of valuable resources that should be directed to the actual need, but goes to feeding the financial community instead. Under these schemes, taxpayers often pay double for the expenditures. That the items listed may need to be acquired is not in doubt here; neither is the fact that with growth in the population, needs will continue to expand. We need to direct the resources we have to the actual items, funded best by pay-as-you-go. If current revenues are insufficient, we should then initiate or increase (Fire District for fire issues)(and state-wide for transportation issues) impact fees on new residents so present residents aren't penalized by other people's decisions to move here more than we already are. Don't feed the monster that's devouring us; Vote no!
   Anders Tronson, Calla Tronson, Carnation