Northwest NEWS

September 14, 1998


All sides should be examined

   This afternoon I opened up the Aug. 31 issue of The Woodinville Weekly and was upset when I read the comic drawn by Mark Jessup. You know, the one that made a veritable parody of the parking dilemma at Woodinville High School? First of all, it was the city who said, "Hey! Let's build a park! We'll sell wine glasses and bricks! But first, let's cut down all the trees! Then let's let it sit for months while we do absolutely nothing!"
   So, please, don't tell me about saving trees. Second, buying the wetlands adjacent to WHS was an idea thought up by the City of Woodinville's Planning Department. I would know. I was the only student who attended the hearing on the parking situation!
   Before criticizing a school of 1300 for having "skewed priorities," all sides should be examined. We kids had one voice in this, mine. Yet, my voice said not one word regarding the city's plan to bulldoze the wetlands.
   Kari Solberg, Woodinville High School