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September 14, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Their play and sportsmanship were exemplary

 We were asked if we thought that the team would be interested in being an Ambassador for Little League baseball in England. We were told that the team had been selected because not only do they play the game of baseball with skill and expertise but also because they represent all that Little League Baseball is intended to be.

Woodinville West All-Stars 1998 thankful for support from community

 Words cannot adequately describe how important and inspirational it was to us knowing that the community was so supportive of our efforts. We were very proud to represent the Woodinville community and the State of Washington.

Input is arbitrary and selective

 A federal scientist at a Bellingham seminar said that some jurisdictions computer modelings are "black boxes" into which input is arbitrary and selective, and out of which comes pre-determined results. King County's modeling boxes are among the blackest.

A kind word and a bigger stick

 Some numbers for you to ponder are for a $200,000 home the cost of the Community Recreation and Fields Bond would be approximately $6 a month. Is that really all that "food on the table" or merely a 6-pack of soda pop and a big bag of chips?

A letter of appreciation to Oscar

 Have just read your column once again. This one on the "Russian Hermit" who lived at one time here in Carnation. This article stirred good memories of the man for me as well as cleared up some questions.

Save your money

 Riverview School District has again decided for the fourth time (yes, they also tried in '94) to get a stadium at Cedarcrest High School. They seem to forget they have a stadium in Carnation. In attendance at the two public hearings held on Aug. 18 and 19 were five people. Not one coach, not one athletic director, not a soccer association representative or one little league rep.

Don't feed the monster

 We are urging voters to vote no on Fire District 10 Proposition 1 and Referendum 49. Too many of the funds for legitimate public purposes are being financed by indebtedness; this robs the citizens/taxpayers of valuable resources that should be directed to the actual need, but goes to feeding the financial community instead.

All sides should be examined

 This afternoon I opened up the Aug. 31 issue of The Woodinville Weekly and was upset when I read the comic drawn by Mark Jessup. You know, the one that made a veritable parody of the parking dilemma at Woodinville High School. First of all, it was the city who said, "Hey! Let's build a park! We'll sell wine glasses and bricks! But first, let's cut down all the trees! Then let's let it sit for months while we do absolutely nothing!"

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