Northwest NEWS

September 14, 1998

Local News

Police Beat

   Sept. 10: A Woodinville woman reported that a Snohomish man had sold her sheep without her permission. The victim had hired the man to sheer three sheep she kept as pets and had told him she wanted to find a home for them. The suspect called, said he'd found them a home and picked the sheep up Aug. 18. Soon after, word trickled through the rumor mill that the suspect had sold the sheep at a Marysville livestock auction. Police are treating the case as fraud.
   Sept. 4/7: Someone cut a lock on a trailer at a housing development under construction in the 13100 block of N.E 186th St., making off with a Pasloda air stapler and two Emglo compressors.
   Sept. 6: A 12-year-old Bothell boy was allegedly observed in Target taking three boxes of baseball cards and a box of Legos, crawling into a circular clothes rack, removing the items from their containers and placing them into his backpack by a security officer there. The boy threw the boxes into the trash in the men's room, and left without paying. He was detained by security. The case has been referred to juvenile prosecutors for review of possible third-degree theft charges.
   Sept. 5: A 51-year-old Woodinville female was booked for fourth-degree assault after grabbing and pushing her 75-year-old father onto the couch at his residence in the 13200 block of N.E. 183rd. Pl. The incident began between the suspect and her mother earlier, but escalated when the man told the suspect that was enough and she had to go.
   Sept. 4: A window of a 1969 Ford LTD in the 14500 block of N.E. 174th St. was broken, and the rear window of a 1982 Chevy Malibu was shattered. A witness reported seeing a lowered pickup and a person standing near the first vehicle.
   Sept. 10/11: A citizen reported a red 1992 Acura Integra had been stolen from its parking place at the Waterford Apartments. Shattered glass was found where the vehicle had been.