Northwest NEWS

September 7, 1998


The Falcon - Huskies connection

by Russ Paris
   It was 80 degrees on a recent summer afternoon as three former Woodinville Falcon football players practiced for the University of Washington Huskies.
   It is conceivable that some time during the 1998 season Brad Hutt, Marques Tuiasosopo and Pat Conniff could all touch the ball during one play.
   Senior Brad Hutt (WHS, '95), after a stint at the Air Force Academy, has transferred home to the Northwest and has earned the starting center spot for the Huskies.
   Taking the snap from Hutt could be sophomore Marques Tuiasosopo (WHS, '97). As a freshman Marques shared duties with pre-season All American Brock Huard and was the Husky starter when the upper classman went down with an injury.
   Receiving the hand-off from Tuiasosopo could be Pat Conniff (WHS, '97). As a freshman, Pat worked his way up to first team before suffering a concussion against Oregon. Now Pat is at full strength and started in the Huskies' defeat of the Arizona State Sun Devils, 42 -38.
   The last time I stood with these young men was during their state playoff games at Woodinville.
   Now they seem larger. I mentioned this fact to them, and they all reported that they have gained weight from high school. Pat Conniff has gained 20 lbs in upper body strength to 240 lbs. Hutt said he has gained 10 lbs a year since high school and is over 250 lbs. now.
   Marques says he has only gained 10 pounds, but wants to remain nimble to dance away from hard-charging defensive linemen.
   When asked the difference between high school and college, these scholar athletes answered, "The main difference is quality of people; there is more competition in the class room and on the field," said Hutt, a 2.75 GPA Forest Management student.
   "Academically, there is a lot more reading, and athletically, the game is a lot quicker," Conniff said.
   "I plan to major in business, maybe accounting. Whatever it is, I know I have to apply myself because the professors don't tell you to read, they just expect it. No babysitting like high school. Everything is bigger: the school, classrooms, responsibilities, and playing against bigger people," said Marques Tuiasosopo.
   As Marques left for the locker room, he yelled back at me, "We (the Huskies), have a bye Sept. 11, and Pat, Brad and I will be attending the Woodinville- Juanita football game Friday at Pop Keeney Field."