Northwest NEWS

September 21, 1998


TOP Food & Drug opens this Wednesday


Andrew Walgamott/staff photo

Garth Stoppard of Black Diamond cleaned up the parking area last week in front of the new Top Food and Drug in Woodinville with a high pressure hose to prepare for the store opening Sept. 23

   "Our motto is 'Quality is in the bag, savings is in the bill' and we are looking forward to serving our customers with the best our store has to offer," said Darren Mayes, Woodinville store manager.
   The store features include the Market Street Cafe with a full service food court and seating area, "Just for Kids" childcare for shoppers, a from-scratch bakery, wire-service floral shop, seven-day a week pharmacy with extended hours, large natural foods and wine section, video store, Starbucks Coffee shop, garden store, bath shop, and convenient rest rooms and water fountain.
   The food court offers the Orient Express, Italian Kitchen, Sandwich Shop, Hot Entrees, Rotiesserie and salad bar. A large seating area is at the north end of the store and has a separate entrance.
   To answer questions three specialists are on-staff: "Ann Bennett" home economist, a wine specialist and a natural foods specialist.
   The store entrance features a vertical air exchange system that keeps the store at an even temperature in both hot and cold weather. There are wide aisles and electric carts for the handicapped.
   Owned by Haggen, Inc. of Bellingham, the Woodinville store employs 235 people.
   Haggen, Inc., a family-owned enterprise based in Bellingham, was founded in 1933 and today is the Northwest's largest independent grocer and ninth largest privately held corporation in Washington State. The company is listed in the Forbes 500. Don and Rick Haggen are the only stockholders. Dale Henley is president and CEO of Haggen, Inc.
   "My father always was innovative. He never waited to see what the other stores were doing," said Don Haggen about his father, Ben.
   According to Don, their stores were the first to put fish on ice, first to open an in-store espresso shop, first to sell health and beauty aides and the first to be open 24 hours.
   Haggen employees are #1 in the nation for per employee contributions by a grocery store to United Way.
   The Woodinville TOP Food & Drug is 17641 138th NE.