Northwest NEWS

September 21, 1998


Party goers causing anger and disappointment

   Let me start by saying that this letter is being written in anger and disappointment. Our 14 year old son, Justin Lon, was buried in the Novelty Hill Cemetery in March of 1997.
   Normally, our visits are very peaceful, but there have been times when there has been garbage left on the ground (beer bottles, cigarettes and the packaging, wine bottles and other associated party materials).
   There have also been times when the grass has been torn up by cars. Today, Sept. 16, we went up to the cemetery and a large angel statue that had been placed on our son's stone had been stolen!
   This is the second time that something of our son's has been stolen. It was hard enough to have to bury our son; this should not be happening. It is unacceptable.
   Think about it. What if this was your mother, father, grandparent or child? How would you feel?
   This is a place where we are supposed to be able to go and be close to our loved ones, not a place for partying and theft.
   Patrick, Tamara, Kristle, Sierra and Kelsey Daniels, Carnation