Northwest NEWS

September 21, 1998


The next few months are critical for Fall City

   Here we are on the brink of beginning the Fall City Sub-Area Plan. Over the next several months a Fall City Citizens' Advisory Committee will be studying such issues as traffic, sewers and zoning in an effort to advise King County of what we residents want our town to be like in the next 5, 10, 20 years and behond. With the ever-encroaching eastward suburban sprawl, these next few months will be absolutely critical to Fall City's long term permanent future identity.
   Unbelievably, positions on the Citizens Advisory Committee are not limited to Fall City residents. Non-resident developers, including a business park developer whose motives are to realize a financial windfall from seeing our town developed, have applied to be on the committee.
   Once sewers, roads and development are complete and their profit made, these individuals will not have to live with what they will have done to our town. They will simply move on to their next ripe opportunity. We Fall City residents will be left behind, living day in and day out with the traffic congestion and sprawl left behind.
   The time is here for us to act to preserve our treasured town's rural character. It's now or never, folks. Once housing and business developments are in place, they will be with us and our children forever.
   Questions for us to ask ourselves might be: Why do I live in Fall City? Who are the people and institutions that make up our community? How does our town relate to the county, to the state, to the nation? What do we see for the future and how do we get there?
   There is no time left to think that the future is too far away to bother with now or that planning is too complicated, too bureaucratic.
   In a recent Valley newspaper, a developer argued against having his Fall City development site purchased by King County for a rural town park.
   He admitted that while "a smaller, traditional park seems more in line with local preferences," he is "trying to shape public opinion ... to hit the right hot buttons" in order to garner public suport for his proposed three-story regional hotel, office and meeting complex on the river next to Colonial Inn.
   The King County Executive Committee in charge of the Fall City Sub-Area Plan has openly encouraged Fall City citizens to attend the planning project meetings, whether or not they've been selected to serve on the official advisory committee.
   All public input is welcome, encouraged and will be considered in the county's decision-making process.
   The meetings will be held on Wednesday evenings 7 to 9 p.m. at the Chief Kanin Middle School library Oct. 7, 14, 28, Nov. 4, 18 and Dec. 9.
   James Jones, Fall City