Northwest NEWS

September 21, 1998


Voters beware; save your money for education

   The Riverview School Board has opted, at our expense, to run for the fourth time, a field and stadium bond at Cedarcrest High School. We've said NO 3 times already. The bonds are expensive to run.
   This one alone is costing us, without our choice, almost $5000. Combine that with the others and that's a whole lot of our money we had no to say in.
   They changed the name this time to include the word "community."
   That is so we feel the fields are for everyone but they neglect to tell people that the "community" groups will be charged a fee to use them.
   And the token improvements at the other schools they've written in are minimal and will be the first to be cut when the money runs out, and it will.
   There are going to be huge maintenance needs on all the fields and courts and they are pushing this bond with NO maintenance projections at all. We'll need another maintenance and operation levy for that.
   School board notes are a matter of public record.
   The August 25th meeting clearly showed the board's own concerns that passage of his bond may well make a needed multi-million dollar technology levy hard to pass and questioned the voters willingness to pass the needed bond for a new K-8 school that we are going to be asked for in the next two years.
   According to the King County Assessors office we already pay this district $4.64 on the thousand.
   The buzzwords they keep saying are how this is "for the kids" because "we care about the kids."
   But at a recent publicly invited voter rally when I and another bond opposer said we had kids who had gone through or were already in the district, we were booed and shouted at with "who cares."
   This is the real mentality of the pro-bond group, so be very careful whom you align with. Be smart.
   Save your money for the education of our kids. Vote NO in November.
   Karen Hill, Duvall