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September 21, 1998


Letters to the Editor

Soccer Association has a wider vision

 What a marvelous concept for the Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association to buy the Muller farm! Now youth will have an opportunity to try a hand at raising produce and selling it.

Party goers causing anger and disappointment

 Let me start by saying that this letter is being written in anger and disappointment. Our 14 year old son, Justin Lon, was buried in the Novelty Hill Cemetery in March of 1997. Normally, our visits are very peaceful, but there have been times when there has been garbage left on the ground (beer bottles, cigarettes and the packaging, wine bottles and other associated party materials).

Setting the record straight

 The facts are as this. In Sept. 1993 an EAII step 2 earned $8.88 per hour. Today that same employee earns $9.89 per hour. This is an increase of 11.3% over the course of five years.

The next few months are critical for Fall City

 Unbelievably, positions on the Citizens Advisory Committee are not limited to Fall City residents. Non-resident developers, including a business park developer whose motives are to realize a financial windfall from seeing our town developed, have applied to be on the committee.

Proposed pipeline feeds energy obesity

 Texaco, Arco and GATX are applying for permits to build a 230-mile pipeline right through what the Wilderness Society describes as one of "America's 10 Most Endangered Wild Lands."

A history of the Sammamish Valley sportsfields

 If King County loses its appeal to put sportsfields on the Kaplan ag lands, one could say justice is served. If back in 1986 King County had sold 60 Acres West to the soccer association for the athletic fields for which it was zoned, instead of turning it into preserved ag lands which now sit idle, perhaps none of the recent history of law suits and petitions and astounding ag-land sales prices would have happened.

Voters beware; save your money for education

 The Riverview School Board has opted, at our expense, to run for the fourth time, a field and stadium bond at Cedarcrest High School. We've said NO 3 times already. The bonds are expensive to run. This one alone is costing us, without our choice, almost $5000. Combine that with the others and that's a whole lot of our money we had no to say in.

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