Northwest NEWS

September 21, 1998

Front Page

Tolt 2 Pipeline project progressing

 The pipeline is not scheduled to go under the Snoqualmie River until next year, at which time a huge boring machine will tunnel under the river, pulling the pipe behind it.

Valley levies pass

 Voters last week approved a $95,000 police protection levy for Carnation and $5.59 million in bonds for Fire District 10, which includes the Carnation, Preston and Issaquah areas and the Sammamish plateau.

Airtouch Cellular video shot in Snoqualmie Valley

 Some strange-looking icons appeared in a field south of Duvall a couple of weeks ago, but they weren't placed there to communicate with aliens from outer space. Rather, they were props in a video aimed at helping us communicate better with each other. Have a look.